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GTCI Senior

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The world’s foremost
experts in Team Coaching

The Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI) is a pioneering online body designed to help coaches learn from the world’s foremost experts in team coaching, with a view to creating high-impact teams and setting a precedent for quality and success worldwide.

In partnership with, Professors Peter Hawkins and David Clutterbuck have assembled an elite group of faculty members spanning the globe - each of whom has extensive team coaching experience, and provides a high caliber of learning.

Would you like to expand your one-on-one coaching business to offer team coaching? Working with leaders, teams, and stakeholders across the organization to create true transformation and unity in the companies you work with? - pages programs offer gtci

The future will need dynamic, agile, collaborative teams with the ability to adapt in uncertainty.

This requires a continuous learning culture, new thinking, and a solid team coaching regimen.

With personalized learning arcs available, as well as groundbreaking pathways of thinking to study, the GTCI provides an excellent standard of tailor-made learning by bringing the world’s brightest minds on the subject of team coaching together in one place.

Global Team Coaching Institute
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This is the ideal place to start if you are just beginning your team coaching journey. You'll learn to articulate the difference between individual and team coaching. Understand the basics behind team dynamics and how to create and use a team development plan. Explore how to create collaborative, resilient and successful teams.

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This level is perfect for coaches who have some team coaching experience and would like to expand their knowledge to confidently handle team coaching assignments from beginning to end. Understand how to successfully scope the assignment and pitch for work. Use team diagnostics, interview team members and stakeholders to set up the engagement. Explore how to coach teams step by step to develop both their internal dynamics and partner effectively with external stakeholders to create lasting organizational transformation.

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GTCI Senior
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Once you have completed the Practitioner level, you will be eligible to become a Senior Practitioner - the highest level of GTCI Team Coach you can attain. Maximize your capabilities to achieve expert levels of impact and value for clients. Sr. Practitioner scheduled for early 2023

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Catherine Carr

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Sue Coyne

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Dumisani Magadlela

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Inge Simons

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Colm Murphy

GTCI Faculty

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Vesa Ristikangas

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Tony Dickel 2020 01 316 Circle Image

Tony Dickel

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Tammy Turner 2020 01 316 Circle Image

Tammy Turner

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Paula King 2020 01 316 Circle Image

Paula King

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Paul Lim 2020 01 316 Circle Image

Paul Lim

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Moira Nangle 2020 01 316 Circle Image

Moira Nangle

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Michelle Chan 2020 01 316 Circle Image

Michelle Chan

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Martin Braddock 2020 01 316 Circle Image

Martin Braddock

GTCI Faculty - pages programs John Leary Joyce 2017 01 316 Circle Image

John Leary Joyce

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Irena Antolic 2020 01 316 Circle Image

Irena Antolic

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Hilary Lines 2020 01 316 Circle Image

Hilary Lines

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Evija Vascenko 316 Circle

Evija Vaščenko

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Danny Tuckwood 2020 01 316 Circle

Danny Tuckwood

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Craig Mckenzie 2020 01 316 Circle Image

Craig McKenzie

GTCI Faculty - pages programs Barbara Walsh 2020 01 316 Circle Image

Barbara Walsh

GTCI Faculty

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Professor David Clutterbuck

David is an international pioneer of coaching and mentoring. He is the author of 70 books, and is well-known internationally as a keynote speaker.

Named No. 1 Influencer on European Coaching, David is one of Marshall Goldsmith’s Global 100 leading coaches. He is also Co-Founder and Special Ambassador of the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC).

David is visiting coaching & mentoring Professor at over 4 universities, including Henley Business School & Oxford Brookes. - pages programs gtci peter 2?v2

Professor Peter Hawkins

A Professor of Leadership at Henley Business School, Peter is the author of many best-selling books and papers in the fields of systemic coaching, leadership and change.

Peter is a leading pioneer and thought-leader in areas of systemic team coaching, supervision, and board development. He is the Chairman of Renewal Associates and the Honorary President of the Academy of Executive Coaching.

Peter also acts as teacher and consultant in over 50 countries and is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences.

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Evija Vaščenko
GTCI Faculty

The major benefit of team coaching is the increased demand for team coaching as opposed to individual coaching. More and more organizations understand that it's not only essential to improve individual performance but it's necessary to achieve team results. - pages programs robert w

Dr. Robert Wegener
Co-Director of Coaching Studies, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern, Switzerland

There is a very big difference between 1-on1 coaching and team coaching. Most importantly, you need to build a relationship of trust and psychological safety not with one, but multiple individuals.

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