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ACE Coach Accelerator™

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ACE Journey to Mastery™

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Coaching Excellence Club™

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Start Fast, Go Deep,
End Strong

Accelerating Coach Excellence (ACE) brings together two of the greatest minds in coaching – David Peterson (former Head of Coaching and Leadership at Google) and David Goldsmith (coaching industry pioneer and Executive Director of 7 Paths Forward).

David & David joined forces with to design a learning experience that helps coaches get to their desired level of success faster, develop a deeper understanding of their craft and strengthen their skills to create high levels of impact for their clients.

The ACE program will teach you not only the skills you need but also how and when to use them in the right context. - pages programs offer ace

ACE creates a dynamic environment where you can experiment, play, and refine your skills.

Gain confidence to craft an agenda that creates impact for the client’s objectives.

With 3 distinct Learning levels, you can progress logically and naturally, from initial skills and knowledge acceleration to absolute mastery of coaching’s most powerful tools. Become an official ACE Certified Coach and prepare for the next level of your coaching journey. - pages programs wendy

Wendy Woods

ACE Graduate

Vertical leadership development and it's importance and the 3 essential elements and how I need to integrate this into my coaching - complex adaptive systems and how mistakes in the short term are essential for the long term viability - more hands on experience trying new techniques and being comfortable with discomfort

ACE Program Overview

Accelerating Coach Excellence (ACE) courses, certifications and community cover the aspects of coaching that are most essential for coaches to master, and that are often most difficult for coaches to do on their own. It consists of 3 course levels: - pages programs program overview

ACE Courses:

ACE Coach Accelerator™

For relatively new to seasoned coaches: 1-5 years experience

This accelerator course focuses on applicable lessons great coaches wish they had known when they started. Learn how to get to the crux of the coaching engagement faster while maintaining a high level of trust.





16 Hours

of LIVE Content

4.5 Hours

of Guided Practicums




Coaching Demos

ACE Journey to Mastery™

For highly competent coaches who want to excel: 5+ years experience

This certification course focuses on mastering the craft of coaching. It guides coaches in re-thinking their models, finding deeper purpose, with an aim to coach a wider range of clients that you want to work with. Coaches will also analyse how to deal with resistant, non-cooperative clients.



30 Hours

of LIVE Content

9 Hours

of Guided Practicums

9 Hours

of Facilitated Mastermind Groups



Availability for Certification

ACE Virtuoso™

For master-level coaches striving to be the very best: 10+ years experience

An invitation-only community of advanced peers, Virtuoso gathers like-minded people who are looking to take their coaching to unprecedented levels of excellence. Virtuoso provides an intimate space designed for you to examine the way you coach, and gain confidence to innovate outside the box, progressing towards the wisdom of true coaching masters.

60 Minute Intensive

with David and David

Office Hours

with David and David

LIVE 90 minute
Advanced Practicums

with David & David + ACE Senior Faculty

LIVE 90 Minute
Coaching Demo

with David and David

LIVE 90 Minute
ACE Live meet-up

with David, David and guests

Coaching Excellence Club™

For graduates of Accelerator or Journey to Mastery

ACE Coaching Excellence Club provides ongoing structured practice with other coaches at the same level of skill and experience. Members receive access to monthly coaching demonstrations, live practicums and an exclusive learning community for ACE graduates.

LIVE 60 Minute

Coaching Demo
with David and David

LIVE 90 Minute

with ACE Facilitator

Exclusive Community

for ACE Graduates

About David & David - pages programs about david-g

David M. Goldsmith
Coaching Industry Pioneer
Executive Director, 7 Paths Forward LLC

David is responsible for building an organization that supports the development of great coaches worldwide. This includes workshops, community development and helping organizations source great coaches.

A pioneer in the coaching industry, David was Chief Operating Officer of and past President of CoachU. He has staged many innovative conferences on coaching and was the first to showcase coaching research almost 20 years ago.

He co-founded the Foundation for Coaching which has now become the Institute of Coaching at Harvard. The Institute continues to support research into coaching worldwide.

David is an active coach working with senior leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs around the globe.

He has also coached many of the leaders in the coaching profession helping to grow the impact of coaching worldwide. - pages programs about david-b

David B. Peterson PhD
Voted #1 Corporate Coach by Marshall Goldsmith
Chief Catalyst & Transformational Officer, 7 Paths Forward LLC

For 10 years, David acted as Director of Executive Coaching and Leadership at Google. He coached Google’s senior leaders, managed a network of external and internal coaches, and supported leadership, learning, and executive development initiatives for the multi-billion-dollar corporation.

David Earned his PhD in Counseling and Industrial/Organizational Psychology at the University of Minnesota. He is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Society of Consulting Psychology, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), and the Harvard Institute of Coaching. He was recently voted "World's #1 Corporate Coach" by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, and he has won several prestigious awards.

David describes himself as ‘on a mission to make learning faster, better, and more rewarding for people and organizations’. He is passionate about excellent coaches who help leaders solve their toughest, most complicated and new different problems.

What People Are Saying - pages programs lynne g 2

Lynne Garrison
ACE Graduate

Having the space and opportunity to practice key, new concepts and tools was priceless. The practicums are experiences I will want to continue . . . . and keep in mind in a modified way for my clients. Thank you! - pages programs suparna m 2

Suparna Malhotra
ACE Graduate, Business & Executive Coach

This program is brilliantly designed. The 2 David's expertly led us through learnings that have left me feeling more confident in myself as a coach practitioner and a educator. I feel like I have enhanced and defined my style of coaching.

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